Healing with Foods (Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine)

The body can heal itself only if you feed it what it needs, not just what is available.”

chinese-herb-teasFood As Medicine Therapy uses the principles of Ayurveda & Chinese medical theory to evaluate individual foods by the way they react within the body. Foods, like herbs, have been categorized by ancient doctors in the East over thousands of years. Each food has its own particular taste or tastes, and will affect particular organs in the body. Each food also has a temperature which affects particular organs and the body’s temperature balance as a whole. The unique combination of tastes and temperature gives each food specific therapeutic properties. Food As Medicine Therapy uses specific foods as natural supplements to daily food intake, and a “therapeutic menu” to help you feel better, remedy disease, and strengthen, rebuild and rebalance the body.

food as medicine

Food As Medicine Therapy can be divided into:
1) health preservation and
2) remedial dietary therapy for illness or overweight conditions.
Healing food and drink (including the so-called “superfoods”) has the efficiency of medicine, and can be used to:

  • prevent illness
  • restore a diseased condition to health
  • be in harmony with the seasons
  • lose unwanted weight
  • build up fitness
  • prolong one’s life

food-cayenneFood As Medicine Therapy involves not only selecting nutritionally healthy cooking, but also preparing a highly individualized plan made from herbs, foods and condiments under the guidance of a food plan based on traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Foods can also be used the way herbs are used, such as pears for certain lung disorders.

In order to get the most out of acupuncture or herbal medicine, it is important to support your treatment with proper diet and lifestyle. Even if herbs are taken on occasion, food is eaten every day, three or more times per day. Food As Medicine Therapy helps you choose the right foods for your constitution, and find out by examining your eating habits, cravings, body type and lifestyle how to adjust your eating habits to help promote better health.

Food As Medicine consultations, with or without acupuncture, are available by appointment.

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Mr. Singleton has an educational background in Western nutritional pharmacology and advanced training in Chinese nutrition, with a particular emphasis on health-enhancing nutrition for chronic ailments and diseases.

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