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Can The Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball Team Use Acupuncture?

It’s no secret that the top celebrities and professional athletes use acupuncture for well-being and maximum performance.

Even though the state of Oklahoma has a long reputation and obvious tendency towards the conservative practice of medicine, wouldn’t you think that a world-class professional sports team would be allowed (and even encouraged) to take advantage of this ancient curative therapy?


The question is: Does the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team take advantage of it? Are they even allowed to try acupuncture as part of their contracts? Does the Oklahoma City franchise even allow it?


Below is a recent blog post from Chicago acupuncturist Jennifer Dubowsky:

Basketball Stars Score With Acupuncture

Numerous famous NBA players have reaped the benefits of acupuncture treatments. Superstars like Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson, Hot Rod Williams, Jeff Hornacek, Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Yao Ming, and, here in Chicago, Bulls player Joakim Noah have all used acupuncture.


And, as pointed out by tcm directory with this great photo, college player Jeremy Adams was quoted as saying, “The day after I had acupuncture done, I dunked for the first time in a couple of months”. His results are impressive!


Many professional athletes use acupuncture to help them recover from injuries and get relief from pain. Acupuncture is not only good post-injury but helps to keep them in top performing condition. I’m happy to see that basketball players have joined the acupuncture team!




My point is, if it IS allowed, then why don’t we hear more about it in the news? Is there a stigma against alternative medicine in Oklahoma sports? Or is the conservative media to blame?


When I was writing this article, I came across numerous articles about chiropractors “doing acupuncture” for professional athletes. With all due respect, unless a chiropractor, or an M.D., or a D.O., or Naturopathic doctor have had the level of education and training that NCCAOM credentialed acupuncturists require for certification, then they are poking in the dark, so to speak. Just my two cents.


What are your thoughts about OKC Thunder and acupuncture, or pro sports in general?

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